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The Centre for Research and Development, Tirana (CRD) was duly registered at the Court of Tirana in 27.03.2001 (Decision No. 1067) as an independent and non-profit organisation. CRD is established by a group of highly professional and experienced specialists to undertake research work serving the needs of public and private organisation, international institutions and Albanian academic community in:

- Regional Planning and Resource Management
- Economic and Socio Policy for Territorial Cohesion
- Institutional Strengthening and Local Governance
- Analysis of SMEs Performance, Surveys and Innovation.

Each member of our team combines economic and technical skills with policy and strategy development experience. Since its inception, CRD is working to create an independent and think tank institution with a distinctive profile in Albania based on professional expertise of our team. Quality of our research work and publication has made possible for CRD to establish very good communication and relationship with many institutions as partner and sponsor institutions such as:

Partners institutions:

- Ministry of Urban Development,Tirana
- Ministry of Economy, Tirana
- Ministry of Finance, Tirana
- Ministry of Education and Science, Tirana
- Ministry of Environment, Tirana
- Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Tirana
- Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Telecommunications, Tirana
- National Agency of Territorial Planning
- Albanian Development Fund
- Institute of Statistics, Tirana
- Albanian Coalition against Corruption
- Partners Albania, Tirana
- Albanian Builders Association, Tirana
- Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tirana
- Albania Bankers Association, Tirana
- Bank of Albania
- Mediterranean University of Albania
- Faculty of Economics, Tirana University
- Albanian Institute for Economic Research
- Municipality of Durrës
- Municipality of Vlora
- Municipality of Saranda
- Municipality of Himara
- SME Agency

Sponsor institutions:

- USA Embassy, Tirana
- UNICEF, Tirana
- European Comission, DG Economic and Financial Affairs, Brussels
- UNDP Office, Tirana
- World Bank Office, Tirana
- GTZ, Tirana
- SNV, Tirana
- USAID, Tirana
- EU Delegation, Tirana
- Council of Europe,Tirana
- MSI Tirana
- SIDA, Stockholm
- Open Society Foundation, Tirana

European Commission
European Commission

Usa Embassy


Instituti i Statistikave

United Nations Development Programme

USAID From American People

GTZ Partner for the future



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