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The CRD founders and their collaborators are senior professionals with distinctive achievements and reputations. CRD team clearly balance experience in Albanian public administration, academic achievements and experience at private sector. The reflection of such qualities could also be seen to high standards and the quality of our projects and our support we are getting from various Albanian and International organisations.


Prof. Dr Aleksander Meksi – Academic Archaeologist, Chairman of Board of Trustees,

Former Prime minister of Albania 1992-1997

Professional expertise: civil engineering, medieval historian, political analyst. Mr. Meksi owns deep knowledge and expertise in the following field of CRD activity: constitutional reform and draft legislation, as well as civil service and public administrative reform.

Albert Gajo – Executive Director and Member of Board of Trustees (March 2001 - September 2005).
He resigned in September 2005 in conformity of Albanian law. Actually Deputy Minister of Integration.

Professional expertise: economics of development; natural resource management; tax policy; economics analysis of law.
Previous engagement: banker (1987-1991), economic advisor to the Prime Minister office (1992-1997), fellow researcher (1998-1999) and teacher at the Maastricht University, Netherlands (2000), project manager (2001 – present).
Education: PhD candidate at Maastricht University, the Netherlands (submission date: 1 January 2005). PhD research focuses on institutional buildings and poverty alleviation policies in transition economies; M.A. in economics of development from Institute of Social Studies, the Hague, the Netherlands; research topic: resource management; B.A. Degree in Finance 1985 from University of Tirana.

Mirlinda Rusi (MA) – Executive Director (from September 2005) and Member of Board of Trustees

Professional expertise: Extensive research experience on market research, macro and micro economics- statistical analysis (SME Performance, tax legislation), environmental economics financial sector, local governance, EU integration issues, public finance analysis. Member of professional bodies Deputy Chairman of the Board, Albanian Institute of Statistics.
Education: 1999 - M.A. in European Studies (with distinction) from Katholike University Leuven, Belgium. The focus of the Master studies was European financial market integration and the impact on banking sector.

Mrs. Rusi is the holder of series of diplomas for attending various course and seminars regarding business administration. She received two research grants from EC/PHARE programme and NATO fellowship programme and has published many professional articles in international and local journals.

Dr. Athanasios Pagonis - Technical Advisor for Land Use Management, Spatial and Urban Planning and harmonization with EU legislation and standards in territorial development.

Professional expertise: Researcher in Territorial Planning and Governance, Lecturer of Urban Planning and Design and Consultant in Urban Planning, Land Development and Planning Legislation.
Previous engagements: Architectural and Urban Design and Planning Studies in Greece, Consultant in international Projects in Greece, Middle East and Albania. Research on urban development in transition countries.
Education: 5-year BA in Architectural Engineering, Msc in Urban and Regional Planning Studies, London School of Economics and Political Science, PhD in Urban Planning, National Technical University of Athens.


Franz Josef - Klein – Senior advisor and Honorific Member of Board of Trustees CRD.

Professional expertise: key expert in Business and Consumer Surveys, Business cycle analysis.
Previous engagements: Head of Business and Consumer Surveys at General Directorate of Economic and Financial affairs at the European Commission in Brussels (1979 – 2002).
Present engagements: Member of the Board of CIRET – Zurich.

Emil Xhuvani - Environmental Expert (licenced)

Professional expertise: Environmental issues, biodiversity, pollution, designing SEA according to urban planning new law. Key expert on environmental study for SEA of Himara and SEA of Lushnja . Key expert in adjustment of the General Local Plan of Durres. Key expert in drafting of the General local Plan of Ishem Commune.   Lecturer in Faculty of Science University of Tirana Biophysics.
Education: Msc in Biology, 1988

Silvana Rusi - Senior researcher on Private Sector Development.

Professional expertise: 12 years working experience with International Financial Institutions (World Bank, EU, UNIDO/UNDP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Louis Berger Inc. on project Identification, Preparation of project proposals, Project Coordination, Project Management, M&E, Impact Assessment and Reporting according International accepted standards. Excellent knowledge and working experience with Business Associations related capacity building issues, establishment of advocacy strategies and respective action plans, organisation of awareness campaigns for various business service products, facilitation of Consulting Services, training design and delivery etc.
Education: 2006 - M.B.A from University of Sheffield , UK. The focus of the Master studies was “EU accession – challenges and opportunities for Albania from SME perspective”
Key area of expertise: Economic Development : Local and regional development , Private Sector Development (Business Enabling Environment, Business Development Services to SME’s)

Paris Kokorotsikos – PhD in Synthetic fuels (1983 – 1988), M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (1978 – 1983)

Professional expertise: Expert at high level advisory groups to international institutions and governments on economic, innovation regional and interregional development programmes, planning and management.
Present engagements: Euroconsultants SA Group, CEO of (present with subsidiaries in 10 countries).

Ertila Druga – since October 2015 Faculty of Economics and IT, Management and Marketing Department, European University of Tirana.

Professional expertise: Administrator and Marketing/Sales Professional with an impressive 10+ year career. Delivered business-driven solutions in challenging growth modes. Expert in Strategic Business Planning, Budgeting, Cash Management, Working Capital Management, Inventory Management, Banking Relationships, Asset Management and Cost Accounting. With broad knowledge of multicultural business practices as they relate to business development, customer service and customer retention. Excellent problem-solving, reasoning, decision-making and creative-thinking skills.

Elona Hasko – PhD in Psychology (2011 – 2016), M.Sc. in Public Administration (2005 – 2007).

Professional expertise: Executive director of “Centre for Advanced Researches”. Founder and collaborator of Albanian Institute of Psychology. Expert for the assessment and interrogation of the staff and children. Coordinator of numerous projects for school safety, vulnerable groups. Ex-Lecturer in the Psychology Department at the Albanian University, Wisdom University, University of Tirana.

Dr. Robert Lukaj – Present Director, Risk Management Department of “Besa” Fund.

Professional expertise: “Besa” Fund is one of the most important microfinance institutions in Albania that offers micro, small and medium loans to individuals, supporting them to start, extend and further improve income generating activities. Part of the institution for more then a decade. Lecturer at the University of Tirana teaching Banking and Finance.

Aleksander Meksi

Albert Gajo

Mirlinda Rusii

Athanasios Pagonis

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